Good weekend

Well I had a great weekend over at my parents, mum and I were extremely industrious and we have marked out our fabric for the Neighbourhood RR, Now I'm really getting excited about it, its a shame that there are now only 7 of us, but I know that we will all have fun with it. Mum and I have both been boring and marked it out as a 9 parter, we are both happy to do the extra 2 parts on it, but I am toying with the idea of placing a pathway along it and through it which could reduce the number of sectoins, so I'm still deciding what to do at the moment. We have also gone through mums charts to find houses and gardens and bits and bobs.

I received one stash parcel whilst we have been away, but as yet I've to take a picture, I also received a lovely parcel from my friend Angie in Cananda which was a lovely box of things, again I'll photograph it later.

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Barbara said...

You and your mom have been very industrious! Good for you!

Hope the rest of your weekend is wonderful.


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