Lights, camera, and whats supposed to come next???

Oh that's right ACTION!! What no action, please excuse me whilst I have a small vent.... ARRRRRGH!!!

We bought lights for the front of the house last year, nice icicle lights L.E.D ones too, what happens they stop working 3 days after it took 2 hours and lots of swearing from Mark to put up, what did we do, take them back to the shop Oh no that would be too easy, no we bin them (£40 Down and no, we don't have money to throw away) Mark couldn't be hassled to take them back etc etc, this year we buy some more from the same place, this time twinkling/chasing icicle lights, spent and hour this time putting them up, Mark learnt from last year, plus he had left the fixings in so it was easier, 2 days later, they stop twinkling/chasing they are just static, this time they cost a bit more, Mark (who was off work today on leave), doesn't take them down, no to my mind we paid more for twinkling lights, static ones were cheaper (by the way they are £10 cheaper than last year), so we should take them back, it doesn't help that the shop owners are good friends either.

THEN to top things off yesterday, my beautiful garland which had lights in, and took me a couple of hours to decorate decides to give up the ghost and stop working so we had to go and get some more, this time I got LED twinkling lights for this, now up to press they are working and it looks nice but as they are LED they are a different colour to bulb lights which give off a lovely gold hue, plus it took me 2 hours to re-do the garland with all its extra bits, which I could have spent stitching yesterday, still never mind, when I came in from work tonight, they at least are still working.



Barbara said...

Sure makes a person understand why candles stayed popular for so long ;-)

Seriously, though, that's just rotten luck. I hope that's the only bad thing that happens through your whole holiday season.

Nicki said...

Just thought I'd say thanks for commenting on my blog and hello!

Sorry about the lights - isn't that typical. I have a set of lights I bought 20 years ago for £1.99 in a tacky store and they still work perfectly every year. I'm never going to swap them! I bet more expensive ones would die within a couple of days!


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