2005 Accomplishments/2006 Intentions

I didn't think I had done so many finishes until I checked and I quite suprised myself, here is a list of accomplishments for 2005, if you would like to see any of them they are in my webshots album under (naturally) 2005 album http://community.webshots.com/user/susimac

1. Tap & Blackberries - Oehlenschlager (this won me a first at our local show in the linen/evenweave section)
2. Hummingbead Heaven - Just Nan
3. Sweet Rememberance - Just Nan (this won me a 2nd in our local show in the sampler section)
4. Pearl Orchid - Just Nan
5. Cats Meow -The Drawn Thread
6. 4 Seasonal birds - Waxing Moon freebies
7. Mystery Garden sampler - Anne les Petites croix freebie
8. ABC Samper - Anne les petites croix freebie
9. Lavender Mitten - Anne Les petites croix freebie
10. Spring Paw - Stitch Kitty
11. Farmers Prayer - Moira Blackburn (this won me a 2nd in our local show in the aida section)
12. Sweet Flowers - The Drawn Thread
13. Violet Sampler - Cedar Woods Designs
14. Homespun Heart - Lavender Wings
15. A Little House of my own - Elizabeths Designs
16. Stitchers prayer - Little House Needleworks
17. Wedding Sampler - cannot remember who the designer was
18. Angel Pie - Shepherds Bush
19. Snow Days - Shepherds Bush
20. Herb Pillow - Helen Phillips
21. Bless this house - Lizzie*Kate
22. Various small Just Nan designs
23. Various Xmas ornaments by different designers all done 1/1
24. Various other Xmas ornaments by different designers done 2/2 for gifts and exchanges
25. Mailart exchanges x 2
26. Mailart gifts x 3
27. Scissor Holder - Ellen Maurer Stroh freebie
28. Mini sampler - Anne les Petites croix freebie
29. Spring Heart - Anne les Petites croix freebie
30. Mermaid Heaven - Pinn (now this is not strictly a finish as I am only half way through it, but it is a WIP and will carry it over into 2006)
31. Les Dentelles - Keeping Tradition (again a WIP)

I seem to have had a year veering towards french designs when looking at them, there are some lovely ones out there in cyberland.

2006 intentions
Now this is a hard one for me, as I stitch what I like when I feel like it, but I will give it a startwith the definite things I know I will have definitley to do for the year

1. Complete Mermaid Heaven

2. Woodland Walk - DMC (this is for Mark)

3. My neighbourhood RR

4. Lizzie*Kate 2006 ornament SAL

5. Patchwork Sampler - Polstitches

6. Spade and Berries - Oehlenschlager

7. Winter Visitor - Crossed Wing Collection

8. Drawn Thread RR

9. Involved in various exchanges, mailart, Ornies etc

10. My favourite Things - Drawn Thread

11. Pheasant - Needlepoint Kit Cushion Bucilla (this is for Mark)

12. Les Dentelles - Keeping Tradition (WIP)

13. The Toy Gatherer - Shepherds Bush

14. Various Needlerolls - Shepherds Bush

Can't think of any other projects at the moment but will be adding to the list as the year goes by


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Barbara said...

Wow, you had a very productive year! I loved seeing your over one ornaments for your mini tree. I hope to do that next year, too! I've really enjoyed watching your projects, both here and in you Cyberstitchers gallery. I'm so glad we met!! Looking forward to more fun in the new year!


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