Final finish for 2005 and its for Mark

This is what I have been busy stitching the last couple of days, whilst I have been off colour, it is of course for my DH Mark. I have just put the final finishing stitch in it about 5 minutes ago in the ribbon fastener, handed it to him and then ran off with it to photograph it to show you all. I have stitched both pieces in Vicki Clayton silk in Turkey Red, and stitched it on 28ct white linen. 1 over 1.
Amour is a freebie, by Danielle Gouriou Curie, and the Coeur Romantique, again is a freebie by reflets de Soie, I thought that the styles of them went really well together and so made a small cushioned drawer hanging. I was really pleased with how its come out and the charts were a delight to stitch.

Can I take this opportunity to wish everyone a VERY HAPPY NEW YEAR and a wonderful 2006, I hope that its a healthy, wealthy one for all and that we get plenty of stitching and stashing achieved!!



Kiwi Jo said...

what a clever idea to combine the 2 projects together - it is so beautiful! I love your scissors sheath too.

Happy New Year to you!

Barbara said...

The projects combine beautifully! How did Mark like them? I think I am going to have to try these Vicki Clayton silks. The reds I've seen are so beautiful!

Carol said...

Aw, what sweet gifts!!! Happy New Year to you too!

Nicki said...

Oh wow! That's just beautiful!

Thank you for visiting my blog - I love your finishes on yours and I'm going off to add it to my blogrolling list now :)

Isabelle said...

Happy New Year to you, Su!!

Those two gifts are so beautiful!

KarenV said...

These are both really gorgeous! I love the way you finished them - congratulations!

Yuko said...

Su!!! I'm sooooo surprised as seeing this photo!
Because my friend has told me and sent me these free charts and added this beautiful photo!
She thought that I must be like these designs! And I loved this a lot and wanted to finish like this photo when I stitch them!!
But was it your photo???? wow wow wow! Big surprise!
That's because this is absolutely gorgeous and stunning!!
You are truly talented!!! (((Hugs)))


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