Good stash day too

More stash in the post again, I am on stash overload for definite, I eceived 3 silkweaver pieces (9x13 size) one is cream, beige 28ct linen and dark natural 32ct linen which I won on ebay and had a real bargain basically they cost the price of 1 9x13 for all 3 together so I felt I had had a real bargain. Also a lovely Brightneedle chart - Decorating the town, not bad at all, not much more to arrive now, but I have been naughty again and ordered from Needlecraft Corner some more charts - tut tut LOL!!! Although one is for my niece Amy for part of her Christmas present, she is 6yrs old and already into Brightneedle and stitches on 28ct linen, she has stated to collect the Mary Kirby series, so I got her one of them as an extra pressie.


BeckySC said...

WOW, impressive neice you have there :) Did you teach her to stitch???
Enjoy your new stash :)

Thanks for visiting my blog :)

Barbara said...

I really like that Brightneedle design - almost bought it recently.

Your 6 year old niece can actually stitch on 28 count linen? That's amazing!!

Carol said...

I am so impressed - a 6 year old who stitches on 28 ct linen! There is most definitely a strong stitching gene in your family :-)


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