Drawn Thread Round Robin

Well I have completed my part on Marie-Louise RR, This one is Real Roses that Marie has adapted to incorporate all 4 of us participants, so we can place our names at the bottom of each section we have sewn, My part I have sewn includes Smyrna crosses, and Queens stitch along with back-stitch and cross stitch she also hand-dyed one of the colours herself, (the darker mauve colour on the RR). Marie Louise also changed the colour scheme to and so it is really unique for her. It was fun to do, and I hope my work is OK for it, now I await the next one which will be Nelly's, this one although DT will be a bit of a mystery as I'm not aware that she has picked a particular design, I think we have to pick our own DT design to place on hers, though I will see when it arrives, then after that there will be one more and then mine will come home to me.



Joanie said...

Susie, your section of this Drawn Thread RR is beautiful! I LOVE Drawn Thread and have many of her patterns.

Thanks for you post on my blog. I enjoyed reading yours too and I've added it to my sidebar.

Joanie said...

The RR is just beautiful! I love what you've done on it. Very pretty. I love DT. Thanks for the nice comment on my blog. I enjoyed reading yours too!

Barbara said...

What a beautiful RR!!


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