Adventures in Patchwork Day 3

Day 3 of the patchwork course at Fobbles, I want to show you a couple of the ladies who are well on their way to finishing their quilt tops,


Firstly let me introduce you to Anne, Anne is making a curved logwork panel for above her bed, and she is well on her way to finishing


Here you can see our tutor Barbara holding up Annes piece its in wonderful shades of golden yellow, this is before Anne has started to add the borders.


Here is the start of Annes borders and the fabric that she chose for them - its really lovely in IRL my pics cannot do this and any of the other quilts justice I can assure you.


Next is Joans turn, Joan is also like me making a big block log cabin quilt but she has a specific colourways not random like mine and so she can pick the way that she wants to place hers into a specific design pattern once her blocks are made up.


This was the first thought of having it set out - Joan hasonly 7 more blocks to complete for her double bed sized quilt, but she laid them out what she has done for us all to see today and so she can decide which fabrics she would use for her borders.


This layout is the final decision, for the layout of Joans quilt and I must say I liked this one the best.

Finally I am happy to say that I have completed 10 of my 36 blocks.


... but Ooooo my aching back LOL! Anyway I have laid 9 of them out for you to see, I cannot arriange mine in a real specific pattern so they are very random, tomorrow is I am sad to say our last day, and think of me as I will be cutting out my borders in readiness - and probably not sewing much, as I want to do these whilst Barbara is still with us so that I can do it right.


Deb said...

Quilting can be back breaking work sometimes, but the pay off is so rewarding. Your quilt is looking wonderful! You're making really great progress! Can't wait to see your finish.

Carol R said...

Su - your quilt is lovely! Well done.

Patti said...

Su I love your quilt and I spoke to Beverly today and sent you my regards. Isn't she just lovely. Lots of Love Patti xxx

Jurga said...

It would be great quilt, very very nice! :)

Kim B said...

Your quilt is easily my favorite, but they are all beautiful!

Julie said...

This is going to be such a wonderful quilt. How lovely to learn such a great skill with lovely ladies.

lena-lou said...

Wow 10 blocks !! You are doing it pretty fast really :) I love how it is going to look, enjoy doing the border strips tomorrow.

I like Joans second layout the best BTW (the one she has decided on :)

I shall check in tomorrow to read your latest xx

Karrie said...

Your quilt is looking lovely! I love the colours you chose and look forward to seeing it finished.

Sheila said...

I am amazed at how much you have all done in three days - all the quilts are looking fantastic!!!

handgemacht said...

It's nice for me to read about your patchwork-adventure.

Nancy said...

Su your quilt is going to be so pretty! Won't you feel like you have made such an accomplishment? Good for you!

It looks like a very nice group of ladies. I can tell you have really enjoyed your class.

angelasweby said...

I can't believe how much you have got done over the past few days. It's amazing and absolutely lovely. You are going to be so proud of yourself when it's finished.

I loved looking at the other quilts too. What a lot of talented ladies.
Hugs, Angela

CindyMae said...

Everyone looks like they just love doing this!!! Your sqaures laid out look so amazing! That is just going to be such a gorgeous quilt!!!


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