Autumn Exchange from Barbara

Barbara is my partner for the next Seasonal exchange, this time its being done slightly differently than last year we both send to each other this time. Anyway Barb is well on the ball and has sent me my Autumn exchange and boy what a lovely parcel it was. It was a huge affair, and I wondered what was in it. Inside there was a wonderful willow wreath and its huge, but the best was yet to find and I got 3 ornaments - yes not one but three - WOW! and they are so lovely.




I apologise to Barbara for not getting my pictures on sooner (I did thank her though the day it arrived), but here feast your eyes on these lovlies, I think they are brilliant - Thankyou again Barbara for the first of our Seasonal exchanges. Mine is still to stitch for Barbara and will be getting started with it in the next week.


What else to tell, well I have finished all my Grant a wish bits and bobs and they are out in the post tomorrow. One should get to its destination by Friday as its to Chris in the UK, one is going to Gaby in Germany and another to Carolyn in the USA. I have almost done with the finishing on Yuko's exchange piece - we are doing a private exchange and I am almost finished the finishing too on the Garden exchange with Mum - another private exchange.
My next plans are to start on Barbs Autumn piece - I have my patterns picked out and fabric.

I had another hospital appointment earlier this week - hence my not posting earlier and I had an endoscopy - not pleasant but its done and dusted just waiting for the results to come they take about 12 weeks apparantly just in time for my next appointment with the consultant.

Hope everyone is fine and healthy and happy, I will hopefully get back in the rhythm of blogg commenting I'm a bit out of sync with myself.

Keep your fingers crossed for the weekend as we are out to a Golf society BBQ on Saturday at the moment rain and heavy rain and rain is forecast for Cumbria on Saturday :-))

Edited to add more pictures of my Wonderful exchange as the slideshow wouldn't work properly and I wanted everyone to see each piece, its a real smile exchange.


Susan said...

Good luck with getting your results back - I don't know that I could wait 12 weeks to get results on medical tests!

Your gift from Barbara is triply (is that a word - I think you know what I mean!) lovely!

Simone said...

Hahaha, you're jumping from Spring right into Autumn! Barbara is very quick with your Autumn exchange, but it's wonderful!

Nicki said...

Those are such fun! Where on earth did Barbara find the time to stitch three pieces?! :)

Karoline said...

It's a gorgeous exchange

Yuko said...

Wow, what wonderful ornaments from Barbara! 3 lovely pieces are amazing!
The snail one is perfect for you!!

Oh Su, you almost finish my exchange piece? wow...
I'm very behind... oops!
I should be hurry hurry hurry! lol

Well, how is your health?
I hope you are doing well and will be very fine completely!

Take care and happy stitchiing, my dear!


Garden Girl said...

I've been enjoying catching up on my blog reading this morning, and have thoroughly enjoyed my time spent here. Such lovely exchanges and finishes. Very inspiring, as always!

Carol said...

WOW! Barbara sure is ahead of the game! Very nice!

Nancy said...

No wonder this is a smile exchange! Barbara did a beautiful job on the three ornaments, and what a fantastic idea to send them along with a wreath!

I have my fingers crossed for you that you get positive results from the Dr.

And, I have to ask, what is the lovely piece in the background with the beadwork?

angelasweby said...

What a great bumper Autumn package Barbara sent you. I love the little ornaments especially the snail , suh an expressive little face.:>)

Keeping my fingers crossed that the test results come out just fine.

Enjoy your golfing BBQ. Hopefully the sun will shine on us all.
Hugs, Angela

Vonna said...

That's a lovely exchange Su, Barbara did you up righteous!

Barbara said...

I'm so glad you like everything Su. And I've got my fingers and toes crossed that your test results all come back good.

Julie said...

Gorgeous ornaments

I hope the results come back with good news for you

Anonymous said...

Beautiful work, Barbara! I love how you attached the piece of linen with the bird to the little pillow.

All the best with your tests, Su.

Sally said...

Those are lovely Su. Do you know who the designer is of the Plenty and Grace one?

Good luck with the test results. 12 weeks is an awful long time to wait.

Old Yankee Stitcher said...

Barbar's Autumn exchange is wonderful. Enjoy, CJ

Annemarie said...

So sorry to hear you haven´t been well, Su. I´m keeping my fingers crossed for you that all is well.

I love Barbara´s autumn exchange gifts for you. They´re so nice a quirky. Autumn though... Is it that time of year again?

Andrea said...

Three wonderful pillow ornaments from Barbara.

Olenka's Stitches said...

Your autumn exchange gifts are wonderful! Hope your results are all right but to wait for 12 week is a little tooooo long.

staci said...

Barbara's really on the ball! Love all those cute ornies!

And you rec'd a really lovely spring exchange from Claudia~~a year of wonderful exchanges!

staci said...

Ooops, my brain was working faster than my fingers...hope that you are feeling better. Take care :)

Stitcher said...

Wonderful gifts, my blog reader seems to have missed your recent postings.
Well wishes for your results, hope everything is OK.


Stephanie said...

I was admiring this on Barbara's blog - she's done such a beautiful job! You have a wonderful year of exchanges to look forward to :)

Sharon said...

Such a fabulous exchange from Barabara!


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