Wonderful - Part1

Thats the only word I can use to describe my evening last night.


Last night I finally visited Fobbles, it was part of a fundraiser for Irton church funds and Fobbles was hosting a wonderful exhibition of work for a £1.00 entry. Fobbles is situated a couple of miles from where I live and you can find it at Gubbergill Farm, Irton, West Cumbria.


When you step inside the doors, you are guarenteed a very warm welcome I found from both Bev and Edna, who the co-owners of this wonderful little piece of paradise.


I was like a kiddie in a sweetie shop when I saw everything that they stocked, there are beautiful fabrics...................


........beads to die for..................


.............scissors and sundries, including the lovely Kelmscott designs mother of pearl pretties and needleminders. In fact there are all sorts of wonderful tools and equipment for patchwork, beading, applique and stitching (not just x-stitch), PLUS of course charts by Shepherds Bush, Brenda Keyes, Twisted Oaks to namebut a few. There are also books and leaflets enticing you over to peruse.


I managed of course to but myself a few bits and bobs - I did manage to restrain myself a little LOL!
I bought 2 Tilda books, 1 chart - Brenda Keyes 'Kind Fond Love' which I want to do as my winter project after seeing both Vero M's and NatalieJo's beautiful finishes. I also treated myself to Shepherds Bush 'Family Sampler' which has been on my wish list since it was released last year - this is a MUST be done ASAP and has leaped up my 'to do' plie since I have managed to get my hands on it. I also picked up some 36ct linen and just a few (lol!) fat quarters of pretty fabric.

Both Bev and Edna are really helpful and look after not only locals but National and International ladies too. Bev and I had a wonderful (there's that word again - lol) chat about stitching and patchwork and Bev told me that they are soon to be stocking those fantastic Sajou scissors (Oh dear, do you think I can get a 2nd mortgage for scissors?)

Over the weekend I will be doing Part 2 of this posting as I want to show you the exhibition of work pictures - Eye Candy to say the least and I was really glad that the ladies kindly gave me permission to take some photo's of the shop and exhibition to put on my blog.

Thankyou everyone for your lovely comments about the 'Make a Wish' finishes that I have done, they are truely appreciated.
I hope that everyone has a woderful weekend and a HAPPPY 4TH July to all my American readers.


nataliejo said...

What a fabulous moment !! Thanks for sharing with us :-) you could not resist the Kind Fond Love chart !!!! LOL !

Brigitte said...

This store is just a dream. I'd really like to have one like this near my place. It must be fantastic to buy flosses and silks that you can really see the texture and the colour of. Like paradise ...

Daffycat said...

It looks like an awesome shop! I'm glad you took the pictures to share with us!

Hazel said...

Wowee!! Mental note: Must visit next time I'm in the Lakes! xx

Susan said...

What a gorgeous store! It sounds like you had a lovely time!

Yuko said...

Oh No, Su!!!
It's like a dream store, isn't it!
I DO really want to visit this kind of wonderful store!!!!
OH... can you hear my heavy sigh?
I wish I could go there with you...

You bought "Kind fond love", didn't you!
That's the one I'm dreaming to stitch in the future... shall I buy it now? lol

I'm very looking forward to seeing the next part of this post!!
Thanks for sharing, Su!

Carol R said...

Now let me see how far from Deal to Irton? Can I get there and back in a day? Maybe it's just as well as that store could do serious damage to anyone's budget!

I have Sajou scissors on my Wish List - there is a gift set on their websitetoo. I think I really n-e-e-d a pair of these scissors!

Concetta said...

What an amazing store! Thank you so much for sharing your experience Su. Definitely on my list of places to go now! :)

Sally said...

Su, I am SO envious!!! It's a stitcher's idea of heaven! How I wish I had somewhere like this nearby!

Nancy said...

What a beautiful shop! I definitely would get lost in there for hours and hours. You must have had the time of your life Su! I love everything you bought, and I can't wait to see your finishes with these items. Enjoy!

Sharon said...

I'm SO impressed by your control!!! I'm afraid I would've maxed my VISA in such a sweet shop!! :) What lovely pictures - thanks for providing a "virtual visit"!

Carol said...

You are so lucky to have such a lovely shop near you. Ours have all closed (except for one quite far away) and we have to shop online now... so nice it was to go and see things in person! Lucky you!

Ginte said...

OMG, I definitely would get losted in such a store...:)


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