From Valerie


Isn't it lovely? Didn't I tell you it was? I really loved this wee parcel when I opened it, Valerie has adapted a Homespun Elegance design and made me this wonderful wee stitchers pocket.


The inside has a stitchers pocket for placing scissors , the middle part has a needle place and on the right there is a place for my pins.


The back of the pocket finishes the alphabet and our initials are in the cormers. The wee fob that you can see Valerie made herself and matches the scissors that I found inside the pocket so perfectly and went along with the SBEBB exchange theme of Sheep.
Valerie also sent me such a lot of wonderful goodies too, some fabric, and ribbons, some chocolate sheep, and some ink stamps, I was really lucky to get Valerie as my partner and hopefully on an exchange again soon I might get to send too her.

Thankyou everyone for your lovely comments and Get Well wishes, I really appreciate them, I'm making a good recovery I feel at the moment, I'm just taking things easy and have picked up my sewing for a private exchange and I am really enjoyng my stitching. I have a couple more bits to show this week, so stay tuned.


CraftyT said...

WOW that sure is beautiful. I love it!

What a great gift to recieve.

Carol said...

Ooh, that is lovely Su! Lucky you! :o)

angelasweby said...

Your gift from Valerie is so sweet. What a great idea to make this pretty design into a stitching pocket. I love the colours and the clever way the alphabet wraps around the pocket. The scissors and fob are gorgeous.
So glad to hear you are beginning to feel better. Take time to completely recover and regain your strength and energy :>)
warm hugs, Angela

Kim B said...

What a gorgeous exchange!

Sharon said...

Gorgeous exchnge Su! Valerie outdid herself. Sorry to hear that you have been ill-but glad that you feeling better now! Take care!

Karoline said...

What a gorgeous exchange from Valerie

Julie said...

Very cute, a clever stitcher!

Nancy said...

This is so beautiful, and what a clever way to finish the design! It sounds as though you received some very lovely things!

Take care, and I'm happy to hear you are recovering.

Barbara said...

Stunning - what a wonderful design and finish, and oh-so-perfect for you!!

Sheila said...

What a truly lovely gift you received in the exchange. People are so clever! Hope you are well on the road to recovery.

lena-lou said...

How very gorgeous, I love the cute fob too :)

I'm pleased to read on here that you are feeling much better now !

Susan said...

Very cute, Su! Valerie did a lovely job!

Marie-P said...

Now that is really cute!

I am so sorry to hear of your sudden illness and hope that you recover quickly!

Yuko said...

This is very lovely and very nice idea!
You are lucky to had her as your partner!

Take care of yourself, and have a good rest, Su!

Lelia said...

Just fabulous! The stitching, the finishing -- just a beautiful project : )

Sally said...

That is absolutely gorgeous Su!

Hope you continue to feel better.


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