News to tell???

Well not a lot from me really, I'm severly suffering with hot flushes and forgetfulness at the moment, I had thought it had stopped but no it sneaks back up on you when you least expect it, as Harmien said to me tonight 'Who said hot flashes are a woman's personal summer ... ? A man, probably!

I had a lovely conversation with Jayne tonight from Jaynes Attic I had placed a small stash order with her, I joined the VC thread club so I get 10 a month and I can't wait for them to arrive, plus she rang to tell me about the delay in the mystery stash pack that I had ordered.
MarieLouise mailed me too let me know she had started on my DT RR. I have not got a current WIP picture for you as I have been working on Woodland Walk. Also I had run out of DMC 869 so couldn't finish my current WIP (the one thats a Homespun Elegance but as yet no-one has guessed which one)which I will do tomorrow night and post up pics probably Thursday, I have been working on my mailart exchange and again, I will probably have some pics of that to share of that by the weekend.

I'll leave you with an old finish of mine as I am trying to keep in the Spring mode although its wet cold and windy here, but its by Waxing Moon and its Spring Bluebird, I finished this many moons ago along with the other 3 seasons and have not yet made it into anything - Any ideas for this and the other 3?


Nicki said...

Love the bluebird!

Thought I should tell you that I printed out your ribbon trim instructions at the weekend and successfully trimmed a wee cushion! Thank you! It's for an exchange, but there will be piccies once it's received :)

Cathy said...

These little birds are cute - I think I saw two others on Becky's blog a few weeks ago! Not sure what to suggest for finishing - I'm kind of 'gun shy' in that department!

Isabelle said...

Oh! I stitched this piece about a month ago for and exchange in my French sewing group. I haven't shown it yet because the mailing date isn't there yet and anyway, everyone is supposed to open their gifts on Easter Day.

To give you an idea, I used it as an insert on a small tote bag, with rickrack all along the edges. Turned out cute :)

Barbara said...

It was definately a man who said that. :P

No brilliant ideas for the other three, but this is a cute spring birdie. I've been meaning to do these freebies forever...

Maria S. said...

I've framed mine. They would be cute as little pillows to hang on door knobs. You could do your fancy ribbon edging on them too.

Sew-in-Love said...

Mmm, yeah I find on-line stitching stores a serious threat to my bank balance too. Prefer Tandem Cottage these days though as they are cheaper than S for most things. I even called in their shop yesterday. Woooh!

I got a couple of those WDW scrap bags a while back too. Never used anything in them yet, but they're great to look at. Whimper!


Anonymous said...

had good look through your blog Su, love all the things you do, wish i could get into my stitching so much! will look for what iwant to borrow to do myself!!! speak soon sara mc

Kim said...

That turned out very lovely! I love those little Waxing Moon birds!

I know what you mean about the hot flashes, never fun.

Have a great weekend!

Lili said...

I'm sorry to read you're not very well. It's unfair being a woman from this point of view; but I am very happy to be one anyway, as I think that bearing children is a great priviledge that only women have... that may be the price to pay?
Your bird is very very beautiful. I guess I would take the four birds, and make a cushion with all three of them and a matching fabric. It looks extraordinarily peaceful. Thanks for sharing!
Hope you feel better soon!

Old Yankee Stitcher said...

Hang in there, it can be rough but eventually things will slow down and you will find ways to cope with the worst of it. Till then keep a notepad handy to write down anything you want to remember. I live in the land of sticky notes myself. Happy Stitching, CJ


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