Major Catastrophe

Well it was to us a major catastrophe, yesterday I diligently loaded the dishwasher - now bear in mind this was the machine that I never ever wanted, but got talked into having one 7/8years ago, I went off to my LNS to buy some frames to frame up some finishes that have been sat in the drawer a while, when I came back about 45mins later, I could hear a funny noise as I walked up to the back door, opened the door and the dishwasher was making very very loud crackling hissing type noises, immediatley switched it off, Mark was playing golf so text him, he didn't believe him when I said it was knackered (my words were a little stronger), so he had to listen on the phone and made me switch it back on - more noise. He came home - dishwasher full of water- door opens - you get the picture!! - He tries it turning it on, lots of major sparks and noise. (Why don't men believe you when you say something is broke?)
Anyway we had to go off to Currys this morning and be there for 9am, and he bought me a brand new dishwasher, this time I have a Miele, all new and digital and nice, took him an hour to fix it up and its so quiet, now he's laughing at me as I was so distraught about the old one breaking seeing as I didn't want one in the first place.


Isabelle said...

Hi Su, your new machine sounds great!! It's lovely that the catastrophe ended up being a boon after all ;)

Hope you're enjoying your Sunday! :)

Barbara said...

When we bought our house, it had a dishwasher built in. I scoffed, and proceeded not to use it for awhile. Then used it more ... and more ... and now I would be lost without it! Glad you got such a great replacement. :-)


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