A couple of questions answered

Thankyou so much for everyones comments, very much appreciated, now in answer to the questions about the matting and the frames.
I buy the matting ready cut from my LNS, theyhave a small selection of different colours, sizes and basic shapes, nothing fancy and nothing that is an odd size (which is unfortunate sometimes for me), the frames mostly come from there, the ones I have used for the last 3 framings were from there, now and again they have special frames and they are one off's and I often try and buy them if I can afford too, the one that LHN design is in is one of their specials.
I don't really pay a lot I don't think for the mounts at all they vary between £1 each to £2.50 which isn't too bad really, if I want a special sized mount I tend to find a framers and get them to cut me a mount. All my 'special' projects that I class as heirloom I take over to the Guisborough in the North East and get them professionally framed and mounted.


Annemarie said...

Wowy, you have been so busy, Su! I'm really quite jealous of all your lovely finishes! What are you stitching on at the moment?

Shell said...

thanks for the answers.It does keep costs down if you can get them ready made.


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