Thankyou everyone for all the wonderful comments about my House of the Embroiderer set, I'm really stuck for words (for a change), I've never had so many comments before and was amazed at the amount I had and I appreciate every last one of them.

I'm sorry I haven't been posting of late, but I have been so busy stitching and gardening and working, I have been doing a couple of exchanges as you might remember me saying, I have sent them off (the pendibuille and the mailart) an hopefully this week pictures can be shown of them, probably tomorrow for the mailart as I sent it today the pendibuille has gone to France last week and should get there this week, I have started my monthly ornie SAL with Romy and Paula, and will have progress of that, I still haven't done the finishing for Bunnies in the Garden, I must get that done soon. I have another exchange to get done and posted by mid July and I'm busy thinking waht to do for that and I also want to get started on Diannes Neighbourhood RR.
So I will have something to show you this week I promise.


Cathy said...

Wow, you did have a bunch of comments - but your Bourse and all the accessories certainly deserved it!

Von said...

Sounds like a busy time for you Su! Looking forward to seeing progress pics when you get another chance to post. :D

artystitches said...

43 comments wow that has to be a record you don't see that on many blogs.

the stitching was very lovely!

AnneS said...

I think we all have the same problem - so many projects and other things to do, and so little time :) Look forward to seeing piccies soon :D


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