I know I've been missing a bit of late, for this weekend I have a really good excuse, my dad trailed all the way over from the North East to the North West on Friday T-time after I had finished work and picked me up and took me back over to their home in the North East so I have been computerless all weekend, I haven't done a lot of blog visiting either this past week as I have been really busy stitching.

Tomorrow I'll post a pics up of Bunnies as I have finally done all the finishing whilst I was at mum and dads. I have finished my summer exchange in readiness to send and I have almost finished my house exchange piece, but of course the latter two I can't show as yet.
I received my pendibuille from Pom and let me tell you its gorgeous, I 'll post pics up durring the week
Hope everyone has had a great weekend


Barbara said...

I can't wait to see the pictures! :)

Katrina said...

Hi Susi, looks like we have a friend in common!! Anne and I have been emailing for a few years now too. Its a small world sometimes :)

anne marie said...

In Normandy we've had a rainy Sunday and,today,we have a.......rainy Monday :o)

Shell said...

it seems that a lot of bloggers are busy just lately,I guess it is the time of year.I love all the exchanges you have stitched and received ,such pretty stitching,looking forward to the next lot of photos.

Mayté said...

Su, your Bonnies is beautiful !! Congrats on the finish :)


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