Its a Beautiful day

so I thought I would share some pics of my front garden, this is the view when I come out of the front door
This is the view to the right of the garden, my lovely yellow lupin is just breaking out into flower today, the beds along here are predominately blues and pinks with touches of lemon, I have campanula in a beautful blue/purple, agapanthus, lilies, london pride, a bright day lily and a hydrangea, all to grow a bit more yet. further up this side is the small rockery with our little water feature

The left side has my red hot pokers, and lots of different clematis, the peony has budded up well and I hope that the weather won't batter it like last year, this leads round to where my poppies and ivy bed is, today saw the first oriental poppy pop open. The pot you can see in the foreground is again a clematis, but as usual I have forgotten its name, we only planted it last year and it was very poor with no flowers, but fingers crossed this year it seems to be growing well, but I haven't found any flower buds yet.


Maria S, said...

I WANT TO MOVE IN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

lena-lou said...

Your garden is certainly alot more established since I last saw it, it will be more lovely when it is full of colour


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