Wonderful surprise

I know I'm spoiled, my friend Gels who lives in the U.S.A has sent me this wonderful box today - OK not today but I received it today, we periodically send each other a box of goodies, but boy have I been spoiled, I got Cedar Hills Herb garden sampler which I have wanted for the longest time, a lovely Trilogy with the sentiment being friendship, (we have been epals now for about 6-7 years and not yet met up - nearly did tho'), some smellies, and fun pasta, a trifles and tokens card to stitch which is wonderful, and WDW - Gels has been helping me collect these for ages and I owe much to her sending that I have the collection of them I have got.A lovely wooden and tin box with a bee on it - she knows me well as bees and hives are among my very favourite things. -THANKYOU GELS



Shell said...

some great things there,never seen Flamingo pasta before.

Nancy in IL said...

Wow, Gels is a wonderful spoiler! I love everything I see there. It's nice to have someone spoil you now & then!

Lili said...

What a wonderful stash! You're spoilt, but you certainly deserve it!!!
Your Bunnies in the Garden looks great!
Take care!

Cathy said...

Aren't friends like this the best? Wonderful package of goodies from Gels!

AnneS said...

What a wonderful parcel you received from Gels - just awesome! :D

Sam said...

What a lovely surprise! Enjoy all your goodies :o)


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