Gosh is it a week

since my last posting, where does time go??? There isn't enough hours in the days sometimes I reckon.

Thankyou everyone for your good wishes for my speedy recovery, I have gone back to work now and feel much better, just a lingering cough, but that is of no matter.
Well I haven't been stitching an awful lot really, I have managed to get a good start on mums NRR and I have also nearly finished this weeks target for Bunnies.

My other project this week has been Shepherds Bush Columbine Sampler, its been on my to do pile forever and as I was in the SB mood I thought I would stitch it, I'm about a third of the way through it, its not a huge project and I have actually done something I have never done before and thats Drawn Thread work on it.
It was fun to do. The other side matches but I haven't done that yet and I have only made a small start on the border, hopefully I'll get it done by the end of the weekend and then I want to do this months Ornie SAL that I'm doing with Romy, but I haven't picked yet which I would like to do. Tomorrow I will have a picture of the Mailart exchange I have done as I intend to send it then, or maybe I should wait with that pic as I know Sandra comes and reads my blog sometimes>


lena-lou said...

Ooooh I like....your drawn thread bit looks good.

BeckySC said...

That's looking beautiful so far! WOW! I can't wait to see it finished :)
I am sorry to read you have not been well-I hope you are much much better now :)

AND, I love your pinkeep-VERY nice!!

Carol said...

Your drawn thread work is perfect - nobody would ever be able to tell it is your first time! I am glad you feel better - and glad you gave the thumbs up on your RR - thanks!

Isabelle said...

That is so delicate and pretty, Su. Love your fob as well! :)

It must be wonderful to do a RR with one's own Mum!

Cathy said...

You are making great progress on Bunnies in the Garden - I wish I would have had time to stitch this with the group!

Your drawn thread work looks great too!

Barbara said...

Wow, Su, your project looks great!!

Lili said...

Lovely sampler! The colours are so delicate! Not to mention the stitches! Well done, Su!

Karoline said...

Columbine is looking gorgeous, your drawn thread work is perfect.

Von said...

Drawn thread work is so much fun. It can be a pain when you don't count properly, but what a thrill when it works! You did a wonderful job! :D


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