This is as far as I have got on mums (Veronicas) Neighbourhood RR, The house is taken from Daisy Lane Cottage chart by Little House Needleworks, I stitched the roof using DMC flower thread and the main body of the house is stitched with DMC Linen thread, still a way to go yet as I am still planning the garden in my head, but I'm pleased with it so far - hope mum will be.

Before I forget, if you haven't had chance yet to visit my sister Helens blog go have a look if you have time, she is new to blogging and her blog is beautiful, I know she is intending to update again soon with some more of her lovely works - (she stitches much nicer than I).


lena-lou said...

Hi...I am sure Mum will like this its a lovely colour....can't wait to show her it!! Luv H x

lena-lou said...

Oh Su thanks for that lovely comment about my blog.....I think we stitch the same only difference is you finish the ones you start and I only finish some of them :-) Luv H xx

Carol said...

Nice start to your Mum's RR! That is one of my favorite houses. Don't be afraid to send it on early if you like - I think three months between postings is dreadfully long :-) No rush, just letting you know it would be OK if you want to ship early!


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