Oh Wow

Thankyou everyone for yor lovely comments and the wonderful welcome back, I sure have missed you guys... I will reply to my emails this weekend. Thankyou too for the lovely compliments, I really appreciated them, Helen is the pretty one of us girls as she is such a petite little thing and very dark haired and slim, I'm the clod hopper LOL!! and the fair haired one (take after my mums side of the family)

Harry had his first night with me and seemed to settle OK, I was a little worried as he hasn't really eaten - he has had a little drink, so I contacted the girl I got him from - as I had worried mum syndrome - she said put him in his cage through the day with door open and give him a little chicken twice a day plus make suer his puppy dried food was there all the time, - he woofed (apologise for the pun) the chicken back, had  another drink and sniffed the biscuits - he had a cuddle from me til he dropped off to sleep and at the moment he is back on his bed in the cage, he slept all evening perchde on my shoulder its was so cute. He slept all night too in his bed in the cage beside me and was fine as well.

Tash knows he is here but is ignoring the whole business, just keeps smacking her lips (she does this when she is preturbed, but she is OK and I have made a big big fuss of her.

Will be showing some pics this next week of my other finish if I can manage to get it framed and also of course of Harry.

Til later




Cristina said...

It looks like Harry is settling in. I hope all goes well.
I had a boy (dog)and last year I adopted a female puppy from a rescue centre. I had already adopted another one (Lucy) till she died. Robin adopted Georgina too. He was very cautious at the beginning but now he loves her.

Deb said...

I'm glad that you're back and it's so nice to see a picture of you!! I know what you mean about losing interest in things - I've been going through that too. But you know, that only lasts so long. Can't wait to see your finish.

Roberta said...

Harry will be just fine once he gets use to everything. He is just so cute - looking forward to more pictures. Tash will be fine also, everything takes time!!

Katrina said...

Glad Harry is eating and settling in :-). Hopefully he will make friends with Tash, LOL. Can't wait to see pictures!

Karan said...

Sounds like Harry is settling in nicely... hope Tash also settles to having him around. Looking forward to seeing the pics. :0)

Julie said...

Congrats on the new addition, he looks like he'll be lots of fun

You look amazing in the pic below and congrats on passing your driving test, it does give a girl a whole new lease of life

Looking forward to seeing pics of the craft work you have been doing, although i really do like your gift for sis.

Siobhan said...

I'm so glad to see you posting again! You look FABULOUS! Harry is absolutely adorable. I was always a cat person till I got my beloved pup, and now I can't imagine my life without him.

Duffy was really small when we brought him home--he's still on the smaller side for Cavaliers. One of the vets in town suggested getting a teething cookie... not sure what they're called on this side of the pond, maybe a rusk? Anyway, get one of those in the baby aisle of your grocery store--the ones that are like a big plain digestive biscuit. Soak it in a bit of milk and then put it out for Harry. Duffy loved that, in addition to his kibble being slightly wet and thus easier for him to chew. Don't let Harry get into the habit of eating canned wet food--it's bad for dogs. It sounds like he's just like Duff, loving chicken! We have to spell the word because he can be snoring but will jump up whenever he hears the word 'chicken'. He thinks we cook them just for him! LOL

Vaida said...

Nice to see you coming back! And your new little friend, Harry, is such a cutie!!!


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