Am I not just the cutest.... you have ever seen,  well at least thats what my new mum has told me!

Let me introduce myself my name is Harry and I'm here to cause havoc in 'her indoors' normally ordered life.
I've already got her to roll up her big cream rug - can't be doing with all the cream bits she has around, so I wee'd on it - I thought she wouldn't see it straight away but she has hawk eyes! She says she will unroll it once I've learnt some manners - Ha! we'll see eh! I kept her awake on Sunday night, she was in such a nice big bed and she had me on the floor in a cage - Ha! the indignity -  and that big fluffy thing kept looking at me and licking  "its" lips, my cuteness doesn't seem to work on "it"! "It" won't even introduce itself as "it" just keeps walking away from me - "it" is very scarey thing though! I must ask 'Her Indoors' what "it" is.

I tried to pull the feathers from round the edge of her fancy red velevet cushions, I only managed to get 1 before I got caught, but I will wait cos I know I will get the chance again.

'Her Indoors' took me to what she said was the garden - didn't like that at all, so I wouldn't wee until I got back in again where it was warm and there was a puppy pad which was soft on my feet, not that spiky green stuff called grass -  I had the indignity of having a blue spotty harness put on me, to walk around the garden , don't tell 'her indoors' but I didn't really mind it I thought I looked quite grown up, I just wish she would knit me a jumper or something, cos baby its cold outside!
Well my little paws are aching doing this typing lark, but don't despair I will return when she lets me have a go again, but she wants to get on the computer she says.


Barb said...

Well hello there Harry it is so nice to meet you. I am sure when you are a little older you will learn it is not good manners to pee indoors ,also there are lots of things nicer to eat than cushions. I cannot say I like those furry critters although my 'mum'does I am afraid in time you will learn that the 'cat' is boss.
It sounds as if you are settling in nicely and please give your 'mum' time to do some stitching as my 'mum' loves to see what she is doing or done.
I am off now for my morning nap as I have been for a romp in the fields this morning . Hugs to your mum and get her to knit you a jumper ,I dont need one as I have a lovely thick coat to keep me warm.Bye for now
Ollie. (golden retreiver)

Patty C. said...

Harry - If she lets you on the computer - yes you are the cutest dog I have ever seen !!!

Don't worry - cuteness does work wonders ;)

Hazel said...

Harry - you are the sweetest! x

Jane said...

Little Harry, you are such a cutie! Make sure 'Her Indoors' looks after you well and watch out with that weeing. Otherwise you might end up outdoors a little more than you bargained for, then you'll definitely need that knitted jumper you were so desperately wanting.

Julie said...

I'm sure mum will be able to whip up something spiffing to keep you cosy and warm for your outside adventures, she's so good with needles, thread and wool and even been known to do the patchwork stuff too. Have fun, but be a good boy for mum!

Sally said...

You are definitely the cutest dog and I'd love to give you a big cuddle lol!

Katrina said...

Harry you are too sweet!!!!! You must behave for your mummy :-).

Natasha said...

Harry, yes i do agree you are quit cute :) I hope you take to the outdoors quickly, that prickly stuff called grass is fun to roll in :)

Take care

Karen said...

Just adorable!

Nancy said...

Harry is so cute I would like to pick him up and just squeeze him! He is quite the blogger too!

Mary said...

Hello Harry! My name is Molly I guess I'm of the friendly fluffy persuasion. I wear a blue harness when I go outside because my humans are afraid I might run off quickly. Well I might but it's so nice and warm in "my humans" house. My human sister has the warmest room in the house. I like to spend time up in her room but I do like sleeping in my human mummy's bedroom. When I was a few years younger, my human sister kept asking me if I wanted a baby kitten to take care of. Nah, I'd rather be the only furry animal in my house. That way I can be spoiled rotten. You are very cute. You look like you are the same size as me. Are you a cat too? Enjoy your new indoors. Your furry friend, Molly

Christine said...

Harry, you are definitely the cutest little dog I've seen!

Patti said...

Hello Harry,
Nice to meet you. Well you are almost the cutest dog I have ever seen. I think I might just have it by a hair though. My Mum is sure I'm the cutest ever but then again she just might be biased.

Maybe one day we can meet for real.

Gracie Amelia xxx

Jeanne said...

Welcome, Harry. You are a cute addition to the blog.

Roberta said...

Yes, Harry you are too cute!! but you must not pee indoors or chew up things!!! does not make for a happy household. Sleep tight in your own wonderful personal bedding area!! lol.

angelasweby said...

You stand no chance Su, Harry has already monopolised your blog - there'll be no stopping him now :>)
He is too gorgeous for words.
Angela xx

♥ Nia said...

So cuuuuuuuuuuuuuuute =)

Crazee4books said...

Hi Harry,

It's so nice to meet you and get
to know you a wee bit. I'm so
glad that you're settling into
your new home so well and bonding
with your new Mom.

I wondered how the sleeping
arrangements would work out
because I know how much little
puppies like you hate to be
alone in a strange new home
even with a cage to sleep in
of your own. Try and let Mom
get some sleep Harry. She
needs it so she can work and
bring home food and toys for

Oh dear! Peeing on the carpet
and pulling feathers out of
pillows will only land you in
the proverbial dog house Harry
dear no matter how cute you
are. Mom will make you sit in
the corner for a time out or
something and you don't want

If you're a good boy maybe
your new Mom will make you
a nice warm coat to wear
when you're outside. I'm
sure she won't mind doing it.

Hope to see more pictures and
read more about your adventures
Harry. Be a good boy now.

Oh, and good luck with the
big, fluffy thing. It'll
come around ... eventually.


Susan said...

Nice to meet you, Harry; yes, you are the cutest little puppy, but don't tell my german shepherd, Indy - she thinks she is the cutest.

I'm pretty sure that your mum will let you in the big bed with her, once you have shown her that you can be trusted in the house. That means no weeing on the carpet, or waiting until you come back indoors after she has taken you out.

Kathy said...

Hey Harry! Welcome to blogland! My name is Rory and my Mom never lets me play on her computer. But she write about me alot. (You can see me here: )

Now about that sweater. Since you are a tiny tyke I guess you need one. And if your Mom isn't quick enough (and many humans aren't) to get you one just stand and shiver and shake everytime she takes you out to the garden. Oh, and in the warm times the garden can be a fun place. You can eat the grass, dig holes to bury stuff and just roll around in the mud. Fun, I tell you just plain fun!
Licks and woofs,
Rory (the red Irish setter)
and his Mom, Kathy

Karan said...

LOL @ the cutest little bundle of mischief. Hope you'll come and say hello again. :0)

Carol R said...

After a month in Florida I am way way behind with blog reading! Harry is such a cutie, love Helen's gift and wow Su you look amazing - well done!

gracie said...

Well, you are cute...Harry, that is. I have a Zoe and she never did like being on the floor so she does sleep on the bed. Keep trying and before you know it, you just may get the bed.wails

Barbara said...

... melt! ...


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