So Sorry.........

.... to have worried quite a few of you, thankyou so much for the concerned emails and phone calls and comments on here, but I am OK - honestly!

I just seemed to lose interest in a lot of things in my life, I needed some time to myself and find what I think is me again (that is still an ongoing process LOL!). There has been such a lot of changes for me over the last 18 months what with  family changes and health issues, work status worries (still hanging in there at work by the fingernails) etc etc and I just think its all caught up with me in the end, without me realising it quick enough!

I don't have a lot of stitching to share with you as I don't seem to have done very much at all, stitching wise really, its been something I have been battling with in my mind for a while and so chose to take a break from that too.

But I want to share with you what I made for my lil' sis Helen for her birthday. Its stitched on natural linen using cream silk thread and framed in a Laura Ashley pearl frame - the silhouette reminded me very much of Helen and thought it was perfect for her.

I did pass my driving test on the 2nd attempt which was early August and I just LOVE driving. I drove over to mum and dads the 2nd weekend after I passed I was so proud of mysekf driving on my own to the opposite side of the country and made it in one piece. Mum and Dad was really proud of me too. Mum took my picture in her garden and as many of you haven't got a clue what I look like I thought I would share that with you too, if scarey sights upset you I suggest you scroll down a bit further and bypass that picture (I really hate my picture taken and I look like I am about to run off LOL!) Those that have met me will be able to see that I have grown my hair somewhat, gone very blonde and have lost 5 stone in weight (- hopefully Angela you will recognise me the next time we meet up)

Next up what to share -  Fobbles exhibition, that was a lovely weekend and I made a small collage of some of the exhibits so I could share them with you - sorry its not the normal fobbles exhibition posting that I would normally do, but I thought a little something was better than nothing at all. I really recommend that if you could ever attend one of them that you should go, its lovely to see all the work shown and it seems to be getting bigger and bigger every year.

What else - weeeeeelllll I think its one of the most important things that is happening in my life at the moment and certainly the most exciting - I would like to introduce you to Harry!! Harry is coming to live with me as from Friday 29th October when he will be 8 weeks old, he stands about 4" tall and is about 6" long at the moment - of course he will grow but he will always be very very small, especially as he is the runt of the litter and both his parents were runts too - Can any of you guess what he is?

There will of course be more updates about Harry and his progress and I do have some other bits and pieces to share with you - Meeting the truely wonderful Jeannette Douglas and doing her workshop, the lovely Lynette Anderson meeting, Harry, Knitting and even more knitting and a tiny bit more stitching, I think I have probably bored you all silly by now - that is if anyone is still visiting me?

Love and Hugs



Theresa said...

You look stunning Sue and what a little cutie Harry is. I've got all the threads and fabric ready to start on the bird cage...just need some more hours in the day now :) I think it's good to have a change sometimes - I've been knitting socks recently which I've really enjoyed especially the warm toes when they're finished!

Margaret said...

I love your picture -- it's great to put a face to your name! And Harry! OMG!! He's adorable! I want to cuddle him right now! Your present to your sister is beautiful. And congratulations on passing your driving test!!

Annemarie said...

It's so so good to hear of you/read from you again, Su! I admit I have been a bit worried about you, but I (think I) understand what you must be going through and needed time for yourself. Happens to all of us :o)

Soooo, you've been knitting, have you? Join the club :o) And driving... I'm very impressed. Congratulations!

And you look fabulous, Su, you really do. I hope everyone in your family is doing well. Say hello to Helen and Veronica for me!

Much love,

Katrina said...

It's so nice to see a post Su, love the pictures. You look gorgeous and Harry is such a little cutie. Huge congrats on the drivers license :-).

Pretty finish for your sister too.

Diane said...

I was just wondering to myself about you this morning. I've missed your posts. I hope things are getting better and that your stitching mojo returns soon.

Lovely pictures, as usual. Can't wait to see more of little Harry as he grows.

Jackie in UK said...

Hi Sue,

It's always good to see a post from you! You look amazing too, no reason at all for you to hate the camera :-) Harry is just so cute - is he a chi-wow-ah (no idea how to spell it properly LOL)? I love the stitching for Helen too - very pretty! Oh and congrats on passing your driving test too!


Jackie in UK said...

Gosh..... I have just thought - I wonder what Harry and Tash will make of one another - should be fun to find out, eh? :-)

Jackie x

Roberta said...

I must say Sue that I was thinking about you just yesterday and was hoping all was well with you.

You are gorgeous, love the hair and the outfit. You Mom's garden is lovely also. Good for you for driving to visit them and congrats on getting your license.

Now as for Harry, is he a Chihuahua??

Love what you stitched for your sister. Hope you will be back to blogging and stitching soon.

valerie said...

Su, that's a beautiful photo of you! I don't like having my picture taken either...I run from the camera. But it's a very nice picture.

Harry is so cute! He looks like a chi...I am sure he will bring you lots of joy and laughs.

Beautiful gift for Helen.

Hazel said...

Hey Su! you look so different than when I met you at Fobbles that time. You look marvellous. Well done on passing your driving test. Really good to see you posting again. I have also been going through a few changes too -yes it is a continual thing but also had a lot happen in the last couple of years and it makes you think. I hope - for the better anyways. Good to see you back on Stitch n Stash again too. Perhaps you'll come to the next meet up?? xx

Marnie said...

Su! You look fabulous! Congratulations indeed, on dropping the stones and passing the driving test! Major accomplishments. No doubt you've had lots to do besides stitch. Love the little finish for your sis. I'm sure she'll adore it.

Karin said...

Great hearing from you again! We met once at a class in London years ago. You look fantastic and well done on the driving! Little Harry is so cute!!

vEr0n!c@ said...

Love the frame. Very pretty. Congrats on getting your license. You look good in that photo. As for Harry, gosh, he's adorable!

The French Bear said...

Awww...what a little monkey, sooo cute!!!!
You my darling look fantastic!!!!! Hot mama!!!!!
I love the new look, and mostly I am soooo happy you are doing well!!!
You have really been on my mind lately, I was just going to send you an email and ask if everything was okay!!!!
Margaret B

Crazee4books said...

Hi Sue,

Nice to hear from you and know
that you are well. I follow
your blog and always enjoy
your posts and seeing what
you've been creating with
needle and thread.

You have really achieved so
much in the past year, and
come so far. Learning to
drive a car, redecorating
your home to suit your own
taste and style, loosing
weight ... Wow!! You should
be very proud of yourself.

As for that photo ... you
look AMAZING!!!

Enjoyed seeing the collage
of pictures from the Fobbles
exhibition and would have
loved to have seen it all in
person. Thank you for sharing.

Harry is adorable!!! Look at
those BIG eyes!! Is he a
chihuahua?? Love the color of
his fur too. I hope you'll be
very happy together, and really
... how can you not??

Will keep an eye out for your
blog posts and more pictures
of Harry. Keep smiling (like
in your picture) and take care.


Patty C. said...

Can i have Harry please - lol - How cute !!!!!

Nina said...

Glad to see you are here again, Su! You are so pretty!! :)
Congratulations for the driving test! I also like driving :)
Your gift to your sister is so beautiful!
And Harry... He is a really cute boy :)

Jeanne said...

We've missed you Su - glad you posted to give us an update. You look terrific in your photo and congrats on your weight loss and getting your driving license! It sounds like you are taking some exciting new steps in your life. Harry is just too cute! I wonder...with his large ears - could he be a Corgi?? I'm not that good at identifying puppies!

Annemarie said...

Oh, silly me, forgot to say how utterly adorabe Harry looks. A little reluctant to pose for the picture, I see, but he'll learn :o)

jane said...

Lovely to see you blogging again Su. Harry is so sweet and you look fantastic in your photo. Congratulations on passing your driving test.

Ann in Scotland. said...

Welcome back Su, it's so good to see you "in person" - I think you should be proud of yourself in so many ways. I wonder how kitty will take to your cute new addition when he arrives.

Barb said...

Phew what a lot has been going on with you and dont you look GOOD!!
Very envious of your new look.
Missed you though, well done on the driving pass and also on your new addition. Hope you will catch up again soon and tell us what the cat thinks of Harry.

Giovanna said...

Good to see your blog pop up in my Reader list :-), and glad to know you're ok. Harry is really cute! And the silhouette for your sister is amazing.

Christine said...

Great to hear from you Su, and so nice to finally put a face to the name.
Harry is quite adorable!

Katherine said...

Congrats on passing the test - the gift for your sister is absolutely GORGEOUS! And I think that you should consider having your pic taken more often; you're very pretty!

Anonymous said...

Loved your picture, Su! Congrats on losing the weight. It is good to hear from you again...I was also worried about you. And Harry, WOW, is he cute!

Debra in NC

angelasweby said...

Of course we are still visiting although I'm not sure I've got the right blog! The name is the same, the gorgeous stitching is the same but the face staring at me from the screen is definitely not the face I remember...haha! Su, you look fantastic. Not only does the new hairstyle suit you but the new! You have definitely reinvented yourself :>)
It's so good to see you posting again. You have been missed. Well done on your driving too. It's not mean feat to pass your test and then drive such a long way on your own. You'll have Harry to keep you company from now on. He's absolutely gorgeous. There'll be no stopping you now. Good luck.
Hugs Angela

Sherry said...

Your picture is lovely! I really like your hair. Harry is adorable. Is he a chiwawa - I know I didn't spell that right! I hope everything works out for you and you feel better soon. I have been having a blah spell lately and not feeling quite myself. Congratulations on the driving.

Gillie said...

So glad to see you posting again and to know what you look like. I'm with you re photographs, much prefer to to be behind the camera! I love the look of the blog too, so fresh looking and pretty. Congratulations on the driving test - I still remember the feeling of freedom when I passed mine um ** years ago!

ollie1976 said...

You look beautiful and Harry is such a cutie!

Margaret said...

First of all congratulations on passing your drivers test and after that making the long trek cross-country on your own. That is great and what a feeling of freedom it must have given you.

What a great picture of you in your mom's garden. You look wonderful.

Your gift for your sister is simply amazing. She must have been thrilled.

Hi Harry - nice to meet you. Take good care of your mom.

Blu said...

Congrats on passing the driving test! Guess you'll now be terrorizing the good people of (wherever you live, can't remember).

Harry looks adorable! And you look stunning.

Andrea said...

It's great to see you blogging again. Wonderful finishes as usual from you Su. A lovely photo too of yourself. Congratulations on passing your driving test. I've always said it's one of the best things I've ever done to of passed my test. Harry is just oh so cute! He just looks like you could hold him in the palm of your hand. I hope you have many adventures together.

staci said...

It's so good to see a post from you Su...and even more wonderful to see your beautiful self! Congrats on the driving!

The gift you made Helen is lovely. But I think Harry really steals the whole post...he is just the most darling, adorable little thing with those big sweet eyes :)

Anonymous said...

Hello Sue. Nice to meet you. And ohh Harry is so lovely. I'm sure you're impatient to have him keeping you company. Big hugs.

Patti said...

Hi Su,

I love Harry to pieces and your present for Helen too but most of all your transformation is AMAZING!!! You look wonderful. Love the hair and your figure is amazing. I joined WW and it is slow but steady - well sort of - we wend on holiday and I only gained half a pound so I was pleased about that. You look truly AMAZING!!!!
Lots of Love
Patti xxx
P.S. Congrats on passing your driving test you are so free now it's wonderful.

Karan said...

Great to see you posting again... & you look fabulous, girl! Congratulations on passing your driving test... freedom! LOL Lucky DSis - the cameo is beautiful. And Harry is absolutely adorable - will love seeing & hearing lots more about the little cutie. :0)

Von said...

So glad you popped in to say hello and give us a little update, Su! Can't wait to hear more about your new little guy and his antics. :)

Barbara said...

Are you going to take up modeling now? My heavens, Su, I would not have recognized you - you look utterly stunning.

Rowen's going to be SO jealous! She wants a Chihuahua. Actually, she wants Skippy John Jones' alter ego, if you're up on kids' books, LOL. What an absolute darling your little Harry is! ENJOY.

And congrats on passing your driving test! Niek just got his temporary permit this week and will go for the "real" license sometime within the upcoming 12 months.

nataliejo said...

So nice to read you again, Su :-) and congrats on your driving test ! I'd better follow your tracks and do the same ;-)) You look great with your hair grown, and I share your camera fear as I am VERY shy when it comes to taking my picture ! I hope Helen is fine too and the present you made for her is lovely ! Harry seems to be camera-shy as well, doesn't he ?? ! Lol He is Soooo cute :-) See you on your next post :-))

Carol said...

It's lovely to see you back Su, I've been wondering how you were! That's a lovely photo of you, you do look well, and look at Harry, he is just too cute!!!

I love what you've stitched for Helen, the Laura Ashley frame is beautiful!

Congratulations on passing your driving test. My eldest Jason is taking his next Tuesday so I have everything crossed for him! I'll be very surprised if he passing first time though. He's only driven once around the area where he will be taking his test, as they couldn't fit him in until after Christmas where he should have taken it, and on top of that he's missed his lesson this week because the clutch has gone on his instructors car! His next lesson now isn't until the day before his test!

Sally said...

Lovely to see you back Su. You look amazing! And what a sweetie Harry is.

What a lovely gift for your sister.

TeresaB said...

I can't say much since my blog posts have been few and far between as well, but it's good to hear that you're ok. Lovely gift for you sis! I think we all hate having our picture taken, but you truly look fabulous.

Congrats on getting your driving license and making the trip to your parents. Sock knitting is so fun, enjoy doing what makes you happy. That's why we knit, stitch, sew or whatever. Should be fun.

Nancy said...

Hi Su! Just about a week ago I checked to see how long it had been since you posted because I missed you!

I remember a photo of the old you, and you were an attractive lady, but wow! The new you is gorgeous! Congratulations on passing your driving test too!

I love the gift you made for Helen, and I'm sure she does too! Are you enjoying knitting? That is something I would like to learn one of these days, but I think I might wait until I get tired of stitching! That is something I always enjoy so much.

As for Harry - what a cutie whatever breed of dog he is, but I would guess Chihuahua.

Cari-in-VA said...

Su, it's so good to put a face with the name and with your beautiful work. Congrats on passing your driving test!

Harry is just too cute!

Enjoy your weekend

Anonymous said...

Hi Su,
Lovely to see you back and looking so well too. I love your work and really enjoy reading your blog. Great to hear you are on the road now getting out and about. I think little Harry will keep you on your toes and be very good company too.
Hugs, Tina (

Ellen said...

Love seeing the photo of you so that I now have a face to put with your name.

Also liked seeing the photos from Fobbles. I've heard so many wonderful things about the shop and am looking forward to seeing it in person next year.

Jane said...

Hi Su, I've been very quiet on the stitching front too so I'm sorry to be commenting a bit late. Harry looks so adorable, I'm sure you'll enjoy his company. You as well, look so gorgeous girl! It's funny how we have a picture of what someone looks like if we've never seen them before, then once we do, they're totally different to the picture in our mind. Congratulations also on passing your licence!!! What independence you'll have which you are already finding out. All the best with your stitching too and I hope you get back to it soon enough.

Susan said...

Congratulations on losing the weight, Su - you look amazing!

Harry is a little cutie! I got my first dog just last year, and it's a whole new experience, I have to tell you, but very rewarding.

Congratulations on passing your driving test, that will give you so much more freedom.

What a beautiful piece you stitched for Helen - I love it.

I am so happy that you posted an update - I think of you often.


Yuko said...

Hi dear my Su!
It's been so long, how have you been doing?
I was worried about you so much, but sorry I didn't e-mail you...
You and I are in similar situation, so I can imagine how you were...

By the way, you look gorgeous Su!!
I love your new hair style!!
I do hope we can meet up someday in the future, really I'm planning!!

love and hugs!!

Yuko xxxxx

Anonymous said...

I was about to email other bloggers and ask if they knew what happened to you..I did ask one ..who did not know. I was very worried! But..I understand needing time off. I do not comment much, but your stitching is my favorite. Terry in Texas

Isabelle said...

It's good to see you back Su!
You look stunning. Your little dog is adorable!!


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