Where I'm from..........

I found this on Barbaraand just had to try.

I am from the pebbly south coast where sailors roam, from Maynards winegums and co-op sterilised milk.
I am from homes that had rooms that smelt of tobacco smoke for a while, where laughter lingered and the sun always shined.
I am from dahlias and earwigs, roses and greenhouse tomatoes, tortoises too.
I am from Veronica and nanny Maud, great aunt Win, great grannies Stripe and Moorman - knowledgable, strong independant women, quick to smile and sing out of tune, but who had elegance and grace.
From 'Susan Pull your socks up' and 'Down comes the rain' from daddys sunshine and tuppence
I am from High church of England where Sunday school was fun.
I'm from the sea and the salt and the sailors who travelled the world, from cockles and winkles in vinegar, Guernsey butter and cream.
From my Grand-dad Mac with ears the size of Elephants who wiggled them at tea-time to make me giggle at the table and then get disapproving stares from Nana. He always smelt of greenhouses and tomatoes and from my Nanny Maud whose love of the garden was passed onto me and from Aunt Win whose love of the needle was passed down to me.
I am from wooden tea chests as packing cases, with steam trains and tv's with coin slots, I am from mixed memories of travels, and chocolate boxes full of photos and love.


lena-lou said...

I had a tear in my reading this because thats just you...its lovely

Barbara said...

Beautiful! It's fascinating how alike and yet how different yours is from your sister's.

Dusty said...

Su, I was very moved by this recitation of "you". It gives so much insight into the makeup of a person. I have printed out the template to give it a try for myself. Thank you for a fascinating read. Take care Dusty

Dianne said...

That is a wonderful 'essay' as was Barbara's. I didn't know what a few of the things were, but I got the drift. I hope you read mine. It's somewhere under the May 06 posts.


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