I would like to say a big thankyou to everyone who visits my blog, I really appreciate it and your comments and questions. I would also like to say welcome to the newcomers to my blog who have left me comments and questions too.
Jorge asked me a question yesterday as to whether I knew anything about cactus or wild gardens and I have to say that I know absolutley nothing about either really at all - so I'm sorry about that.


Barbara said...

Hey Su, I'll send a thank you right back: Thanks for starting a blog! I love your gallery in Cyberstitchers, but this is so much more fun!

What did Jorge want to know about cactus? I don't know anything about cactus gardens, but I've kept them as indoor plants for a long time.

Sew-in-Love said...

Ooooh, stasharama! Looks great! I've been thinking about those threads too, but I haven't seen them 'in the flesh' yet, but when I do.......


Tracy Baby said...

I love your new photos ,I've recently stitched he S is for Spring ornament as well .I enjoy reading your blog and have it bookmarked , so I stop my every few days its nice to know there are so many people like me who are addicted to cross stitch I guess this is truely International enabling lol.

Carol said...

I see you changed your photos in your header - nice!

How do you want me to sign your RR? I finished your block. Your questionnaire says to sign in the outer border - what info would you like - name, location, date... let me know, then I can post off to Annemarie :-)

Kim said...

Wow! That RR is lovely, you all did a wonderful job.

And I'm jealous! I want those new DMC variations threads and can't find them yet. They look fun!


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