Christmas Ornie exchange from Mindi

I received the post wonderful Christmas ornament and lots of wonderful goodies from Mindi. I have long been an admirer of Mindi's very very wonderful stitching and finishing and so feel really lucky that she sent to me for the ornament exchange, I really really am delighted with this ornament.
I feel very lucky to have received 2 beautiful exchanges in less than a week.

I would also like to THANK everyone who continues to stop by and who leave me comments, I really appreciate them and at this miserable time we are having here at the moment what with one thing and another I find them very uplifting ans warming - especially as of late I have not been blogging or commenting quite as much as normal.

I have had a really wonderful weekend too with Angela, we took her back this afternoon for her train, I was really sorry to see her go, and so wish she lived nearer, Angela is one of those warm wonderful ladies and I feel so honoured that she is my friend.


Vonna said...

Mindi is a wonderful person! Lucky's a gorgeous ornie :)
Still thinking of you and hoping all rights itself soon!
My love Su....

Barbara said...

Sorry that your friend Angela has gone home again - as wonderful as it is to have good friends come to visit, it is SO hard to say goodbye!

Take care, and know you've got lots of far-flung friends who care!

Dawn said...

That is a gorgeous ornament!

Angela said...

As you see, I am back in my usual place doing my favourite thing - reading your blog :>)
If I began to try and thank you for the amazing long weekend you and Mark treated me to, I would still be here this time tomorrow. So, let me try to sum it up by saying it really was a dream come true. I just knew we would get on, oh and by the way, thanks for feeding me so well, I've put on 2lbs...haha! I'm sure everyone is really wishing they too were sleeping in that gorgeous guest bedroom surrounded by stitched ornaments, baskets of pinkeeps,drawers full of stash and the most beautiful cat imaginable. No wonder I got very little sleep :>)
Warm hugs and thanks, Angela

Nancy said...

What a gorgeous ornament you have received! Sound like such a nice exchange.

I'm glad you and Angela had such a nice visit. She is a great individual that I hope to be able to meet some day!

Yuko said...

Oh, here is another beautiful exchange gift you've got!
This is really beautiful, isn't this?

By the way, I'm happy to hear that you and Angela had a wonderful time there!
Was it the first time for both of you to meet each other?
I'd also like to meet both of you in the future!!! and... :D
I'd like to see that gorgeous guest room in person!! :D
p.s. sorry for my late reply, I will e-mail you when I have time!

Annemarie said...

What a great ornie, Su!

Hope you feel better really soon. I'm gload you had such a lovely time with your friend, and I hope she managed to lift your spirits a bit. You are still busy stitching aren't you?

Sally said...

That is a beautiful ornament you received from Mindi.

I hope things get better for you soon {{{{hugs}}}}

Von said...

You've hit the exchange jackpot lately, Su!

Thinking of you fondly and hoping that brighter days are ahead for you. Hugs!


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