Lost Mojo

Anyone seen my finishing Mojo anywhere? I appear to have lost it, if you find it can you send it back home to me please I have loads of finishes to be doing and without it I'm stuck and not at all inspired - OR could it be I've lost my inspiration - again if you find that can you send it home to me I would be ever so grateful.

So you can take it from that I haven't done my finishes Ooops LOL!

Got quite a shock on Monday I had over 500 visitors to my blog, so I traced where they had all arrived from and someone on a Russian stitching chat board had placed a link to my blog - so welcome to my new visitors, I managed to get the gist of some of the comments using a translator so I would just like to answer a few here as I couldn't on the board
1. No my house doesn't look like a museum its a home :-))
2. No I don't have a problem with dust and allergies, I regularly dust my guest room and my treasures get dusted using a cold setting on the hairdryer so I don't need to use the vacuum cleaner on them - wouldn't that damage them?.
3. No I don't think I should just look at them and put them away in a box or a glass case, they are in my mind, there to be appreciated by me and any guests.
4. Yes I love stitching and finishing and yes I'm quite a fast stitcher, as for finishing please see above LOL!!

Anyway I really do appreciate ALL my visitors whether they do or don't leave comments here or elsewhere, you all make my blogging worthwhile


~Velda said...

Definately no mojo here (she says, eyeing a box of her own to-finish pile lol) ---okay can't say I didn't giggle over most of those comments....I think it's incredible, enjoy every moment of those pieces filled with love and friendship!

Vonna said...

500 visitors...well I'll be! How wonderful Su, you're world renouned!!!
You know I think you are a divine stitcher and I KNOW you're a fast one...so what's your secrets. I saw you read Deb's (lavender rose) post about fast stitchers...care to answer those question for me ? I'd love for you to divulge your secrets :) Hugs to you dear friend. Have merry rest of the day!
~my love to you~

Barbara said...

I haven't seen your mojo, but I would be happy to share mine since I can't really use it right now. I'd LOVE to be stitching (and maybe even finishing) but it's too uncomfortable to do for more than short bursts. ;)

I vaccuum my pieces, btw. We have some sort of very gentle, long/soft bristled attachement that is PERFECT for 'dusting' my cross stitched pieces, pictures, and plants. LOL!

Anonymous said...

I'm keeping my fingers crossed that that elusive mojo comes home double quick. Finishing without mojo is a like strawberries without cream, very tasty but missing that extra wow factor...haha! It would be a real shame to put all your beautiful pieces away, they need to be enjoyed especially as they contain a little part of whoever made them :>)
Hugs, Angela

nataliejo said...

Guess what ? It happened to me too !! I traced my visitors and discovered they came from a Russian BB ( something like www.7ya.ru) ! They must be the same, exploring European blogs !!!! LOL !

Annemarie said...

Ah, fast stitchers... I'm so jealous of you lot! How do you stitch fast and make it all look so wonderfully gorgeous too?

As for stitching/finishing mojo, could you come over here and collect some? I have plenty of mojo, just no time. Perhaps we can trade :o)

Susan said...

I can't help you with the finishing mojo, I'm afraid - I've recently re-discovered my stitching mojo, so I'm actually completing a lot of pieces, but I'm not "finishing" them into anything. Most of them are suitable for framing, though, so I'm not too worried at this point.

Here's hoping you find your mojo soon!

Cindy said...

If you find your finishing mojo, let me know...I'm looking for mine too :)

I'm really impressed with the number of visitors...WOW!!

Yuko said...

Oh su, you lost something mojo? I'm sorry to hear that...
By the way, your cleaningn idea is nice. Using cold setting hairdryer is nice!!
When I could have your guests room where full of treasures, I will definitely use your idea!
To make that kind of wonderful room, I really have to stitch a lot first!!!

Becky K in OK said...

Here's hoping you find your finishing Mojo. I have to really be in the mood to finish and it has to be early in the morn!

Nicki said...

If you find your mojo and have any of it spare, send it down here! I really need a finishing weekend! :)
So pleased you had all those visitors - you deserve them!

Sally said...

I hope you get your mojo back soon Su:)

How do you trace back where your visitors are from?

Jocelyn said...

I just wanted to say I think your stitching/guest room is fabulous. I have a sewing studio, which is filled with fabric for quilting and my stitching threads and linens, and I just love that room because I like to be surrounded by all my beautiful things. Kudos to you for the same thing! I can totally relate. I hope you find your mojo too. You make beautiful things. I can't wait to see more of them!

Julie said...

I hope your mojo comes back soon, i'm missing your finishes, although i loved to see your spare room and all the treasures in there

Heidi said...

I can find your inspiration easily. Just look at the many, many wonderful blogs and I know you will find it there!

~~ Heidi ~~

Aussie Stitcher said...

I hope you can find your mojo and your inspiration soon. I love the photos of you small finishes, thanks for sharing, and I would love to come a be a guest in your guest room some day and get a closer look at them.

lena-lou said...

Blog land seems a bit quiet maybe all the mojo's are getting together for a big talent exposure ;-))


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