Pretty cool!!!!!

C Tokyu Hands n T E M P L A T I small swung n Let her gee M Y1 N E grafitti e D P1000118 E A N D T H R e A D

I pinched this idea from Danielle cos I really thought it was pretty cool You can do it too - you'll find it here


Hazel said...

Thats interesting!! Took me a while to realise what it said! xx

Carol said...

That is totally awesome!

Barbara said...

I forgot to post that link when I used it. LOL. It's fun, isn't it?! :)

Stitchingranny said...

lol I just added my name to my blog Su but what a fun link.

Dianne said...

I just made myself a new header with these neat letters. I had to tweak them a bit in PSP7, but it looks nice!
Thanks for the idea.
Do you have your NRR back yet? I've been really curious about this.


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