Weddings and Birthdays

Yesterday we went to a wedding evening 'do' our friends Gill and JB's daughter Rachel got married to Michael yesterday at Gretna Green. As half the family (Michael) were from Scotland and the other half (Rachel) is from Cumbria - you can imagine what a truely lively evening was had. Rachel wanted her whole day very simple and with the minimum amount of fuss and bother.

There was a few reels danced along with a lot of riotus laughter.

Not only was it the wedding do with the minimum amount of fuss, we even had pie and peas for our supper which was so good! as JB was informing us all!

JB and Toddy who are our local baritone and tenor amongst the local community gave us a couple of songs -

one for the Cumbrian side where Toddy sang - 'These are our mountains' which always makes me feel proud to live in the beautiful area that I do as we are surrounded by fells, hills and lakes. Then the pair of them sang 'Flower of Scotland'which of course led to a resounding follow up by everyone of 'You take the High road and I'll take the low road'.

Now the birthday part - yesterday was Marks birthday and of course being such a wonderful man that he is, was presented with a birthday cake by the bride

- which for all I knew this was happening Mark didn't so he got a bit of a shock. Buuuut not as big as the shock he got later - Stella came to party!!!

Unbeknown to her guests for part of the evenings entertainment Rachael hired a drag act to join us all and what a great entertainer Stella was.

'She' of course had to give Mark a massive kiss as it was his birthday LOL!!!

and then proceeded to sing 'Happy Birthday' to him in the style of Marilyn Monroe, it was so funny to watch it all unfold and Mark took it all in good part as I knew he would and thoroughly enjoyed himself.


lena-lou said...

Looks like you had a good fun evening and I'm so pleased that Mark had a very Happy Birthday :-)))

Julie said...

fabulous pics, a funtime had by all, congrats to the bride and groom and Happy Brithday to Mark

Carol said...

Looks like you all had a brilliant evening Su. :o)

Aussie Stitcher said...

WOW what an awesome wedding.


Eva said...

you had a fun evening Su :)

everyone can see your dh was thrilled to get MMonroe on his laps ;o))) plus a kiss ! wow lucky man LOL

Happy birthday, Mark :)

don't be afraid Su, Marilyn Monroe's heart belongs to her Daddy ... da da da da da ddy ... we all know that ! ROFL

Anonymous said...

Wow, what a fun evening. Everyone looks so happy. Wish Mark a very happy belated birthday. Nice legs on that roaring twenties dolly bird :>)
Hugs, Angela

Dianne said...

I love good times like that!
We are going to a wedding in New York City in a few weeks of my good pal who I haven't met in real life. We've never been and I can't wait as it's aboard a ship (not traveling until later for the honeymoon).


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