You know when.......

a project just seems to get bigger and bigger, well my forst finish of 2007 has gone that way. I was hoping to be finished with pictures to show, well half of it is finished and I'm really pleased with how it looks, but as I have decided to add extras its still growing, so there won't be any pictures of it til next week.

Also on the stitching front I have been stitching on Rachaels Neighbourhood RR and its looking pretty good if I say so myself, our next posting date is January 15th. I have also got all my bits and bobs together for our next Blackbird Designs SAL, this time we are doing Garden of Life. I am going to stitch it on 40ct soft cream linen and use the recommended threads. Both mum and Helen are part of this SAL too.

I have finished my Quaker exchange for SBEBB, I only have to sew it up, so nothing to show yet for that one, and I have finished my SBEBB smalls exchange and thats all sewn and finished, but again I can't show that one yet, those 2, both get sent this month.

I have also stitched both my SBEBB Valentines exchange and Jaynes Attic Valentines exchange and I am also moderator for both those exchanges, neither piece I want to part with, but of course I must, but will definitley be stitching them again for myself, they are both due to be posted on February 1st.

Now what else have I stitched over Christmas, I did make a start on 1 of the PIF's (Pay it Forwards), its stitched but not finished and I also can't decide which girl to send it too... decisions, decisions.

This afternoon when I got in from work I took down our decorations, the lounge always looks so bare doesn't it after they have gone.
I spoke to mum last night and passed on all the wonderful comments that you made about the box she did for me and she was delighted and said to say a BIG thankyou to you all. I wish I could get her a computer and get her learning to use it, but funds don't stretch that far, but Helen and I pass messages on and Helen lets her visit the blogs on hers, and of course she does when she visits me.

We also had some very sad news today Mums oldest dog Gemma (she was 15yrs - which is 105yr in doggy years) has had to be put to sleep this afternoon, she hasn't been well for a little while, so we are all really sad. Poor Gem, we will certainly all miss her as she was such a sweet wee bijon and had such a wonderful personality.


Annemarie said...

Su, I can't wait to see pictures of all the things you have been up to. Sorry to hear about your Mum's dog.

Dianne said...

Sorry about your Mum's Gemma. What a long life! Losing a pet is definitely like losing a member of the family.
Wow-you've been busy stitching! I'm getting anxious to work on the NRR again, but don't know what is going on with Rachael. I hope things are better for her.

VavadesNeiges said...

i'm sad for your Mum
Huxley, my dog died fifteen months ago, he was 14 and it was also such a wonderful personnality
i don't know if i can have another one

Anonymous said...

Oh Sue I was sorry to hear about you Mums dog, after 15 years she will leave a big hole in your Mums life.

I look forward to seeing picture of your stitching soon.



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