After the Rain

Two posts in One Day, almost a record for me I think LOL!!

Thankyou for not deserting me your comments mean so much and they give me great encouragement so thankyou!

I popped out in the garden earlier this evening once the rain had stopped and took a few pictures to share with you, I hope that you like them.

The one above is from my back garden, I can see this from my window, a few of the wild yellow poppies have appeared and look so pretty amongst the London Pride, Hosta, Day Lily and Meadowsweet.

This is my large oriental poppy

Grandma's bonnets (Aqaligia)

My lovely spring Clematis

Lace Cap Climbing Hydrangea, Hosta and Meadowsweet

A visitor among the Ivy

Tash amongst the self seeding plants in the front path

Well I hope you liked my little visit I made for you for the Garden, it looks so fresh after the rain today, I couldn't resist taking some photos and Tash as always had to join me, so that she didn't miss out on the photo-shoot LOL!


Faye said...

Beautiful shot after the rain~~~ Welcome back~~ Faye

Blu said...

Gorgeous pictures!

The French Bear said...

Lovely shots of your beautiful garden, flowers always make ones heart happy!!!
Nice to have a moment in nature's bounty isn't it!!!
Margaret B

Nancy said...

You have a beautiful garden Su, and I can just smell the rain looking at your photos! How nice that your kitty keeps you company among the flowers and that the little snail paid you a visit! Have a wonderful weekend!

Rachel D. said...

Nature is so beautiful, in every moment of the year. Thank you Susi for sharing.

Cathy B said...

Everything is so green and beautiful!

Cari-in-VA said...

Su, it's so good to hear from you.

It sounds like you have been busy.

Your garden is beautiful - fabulous pictures.

Have a great weekend.

Sarah Elizabeth said...

Everything looks so fresh and green and bursting with life. I love walking in gardens when the sun comes out after the rain - you can almost see the plants growing in front of your very eyes.

Tricia said...

Gorgeous pictures! You are an amazing photographer!!!

Laurie in Iowa said...

Your gardens are lovely. TFS

Jane said...

I love these snippets of your garden, Su. It looks so healthy and even the snails are loving it!

Susan said...

Your garden looks so lovely! In comparison, my backyard looks almost barren - it's just grass :)

Elizabeth Braun said...

What lovely photos! Can we look forward to some embroideries inspired by them??=)

Karan said...

Fabulous photos - it all looks so fresh after the rain. :0)

angelasweby said...

Everything looks so fresh and green. The rain and sun is going to make things shoot up now.

I love your pretty clematis and the Grandma's bonnets are gorgeous. We have them selfseeding everywhere - want to swop some of your pink for some of our purple :>)
Wonder if your visitor in the ivy brought all his extended family with him :>)
Angela xx


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