Feeling HOT, HOT HOT, HOT........

Isn't it wonderful this weather I Love it, but I do wish we had Air con, both at home and at work, never mind we don't have this type of weather for long.

I thought I might have been able to show you my summer exchange piece I sent to my partner, but as yet she hasn't said that she has received it yet, I hope that she has, and as soon as she does I will share a pic with you.

Have a tiny bit left to stitch on My sunshine and then that will be finished, should have a pic of that by the weekend.

All my threads and my fabric arrived for the Blackbird 'Remember Me' SAL which has been organised by Eva we are starting Aug 1st and our number has now grown to 11, this will be great fun and I'm looking forward to starting it even though I'm away on holiday for the first part of the SAL and won't be taking it with me, but I know I'll catch up. When we have started I'll put links to our SAL album.

Did I mention we are going on holiday? - No? - Oh well we are going on holiday soon - next week in fact and I'm counting down the 'sleeps', I am taking a wee bit of stitching with me when I go but what I haven't decided as yet, when we come back it will be Helens birthday - not sure if I should disclose her age LOL!!!! but she is younger than me LOL!! so we will call at her house as we will be flying in at Newcastle and then we can journey down to see Helen and the children and BIL, plus of course mum and dad


Maria S. said...

It's HOT HOT here today too Su. Mid 30's and there is another storm brewing. We've just come back from the Needlework shop in Hamilton and we bought a bit of fabric, some threads and marked down patterns. The car was air conditioned, the shop was air condition too and where we had lunch was comfortable too. It's summer in Canada. Beats the -30C in winter. Maria S.

VavadesNeiges said...

Su, i hope you have a great time on vacation
i'm really happy to stitch with you on the BB's SAL
see you soon ! Eva
PS Helen is also younger than me ! lol


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